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IPU Magyarország Kft.

H-1118 Budapest, Sasadi út 66.


(06-1) 206-1989


(06-1) 206-1990


(06-1) 206-2004


Huber Manométer

Huber HM 38

Digital pressure-calibrator HM38

Over- and underpressure / Differential or absolute pressure
Battery- or power supply unit
Direct current, measure / generate
DC voltage, measure / generate
Internal memory
Interface RS232


The pressure calibrator HM38 provides the user with two individual pressure measuring ranges for over- and underpressure, differential or absolute pressure. It is possible simultaneously to measure and generate current and voltage. The illuminated display and the zoom function permit simple reading of the measured values. And of course with a datalogging function with interface RS232 and PC-software level Windows.

Further functions: measure/generate, leak rate, record, rampe, deviation, simulation and trigger.